We build a bridge between our Clients and Consultants

Our clients are able to harvest maximum benefits with our Staffing Services, allowing them to enjoy the utmost Return On Investment (ROI).

With today’s fast-paced IT industry, we make sure to develop with the rising technological advancements. In addition, we have knowledgeable employees who make it their mission to always be in the know-how of the latest technology; whether it be the latest developed or already acclaimed.

We pick the best of the talented and real-time-industry-specific experienced IT consultants on the market who excelled in business, technical and communication skills . We have IT consultants ready to relieve the many demands on your environment, time and resources.

Our recruiting and marketing team has direct or indirect reach to wide network of technical, sales, finance and accounting professionals.

Enquiries: info@infowaygroup.com

Areas of Expertise

Contract Staffing

  • Reduce employee-related costs.
  • Fill short-term and long-term needs for qualified employees
  • Support upcoming projects
  • Meet seasonal requirements – increase and decrease workforce

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

  • As a benefit from the traditional services, our staffing firm offers the option to hire the employee permanently.
  • You can observe the employee on the job to determine for yourself whether if he or she is the right fit for the position
  • As for the employee, he or she can be hired on a permanent basis once the contract period is complete

Direct Hire Staffing

  • Info Way Solutions assumes all responsibility for recruiting and screening the candidates. We do the work and you can focus on your business.
  • Our professional recruiters use a wide range of recruiting resources to find the perfect employee.

Guaranteed Delivery Program

  • Exceptional connections. Guaranteed.
  • At Info Way Solutions, we do more than make claims. We make guarantees.
  • We meet with you to specify the resources required, skill sets, work environment and project details.
  • We agree on mutually acceptable terms.
  • We supply only the most rigorously vetted and highly qualified talent appropriate for the position.
  • You evaluate our candidate for 40 full hours. If you’re not completely satisfied, you pay nothing and it’s our responsibility to find an alternate candidate that meets your expectations.
  • It’s that simple – we guarantee your complete satisfaction in 40 hours or you pay nothing. Your risk is eliminated. Your productivity soars. Your results are realized. That’s our promise and we stand behind your success all the way!