iPhone Development

One the latest arrivals in the competitive mobile market, the iPhone, is a multimedia smart phone combining and offering all the attractive features of a cell phone and a computer. iPhone is a portable device that sports a soft touch screen and minimal hardware interface. Its features include a camera, media player, text messaging and voicemail, in addition to web-enabled services like e-mail, web browsing and Wi-Fi connectivity. Apart from all the features mentioned above, the iPhone allows the facility of using various applications like SMS, MMS, photos, calendar, weather, clock, Google Maps, calculator, and more.

Mobile web development is the latest trend for mobile application developers. Since the announcement by the company (Apple Inc.) that it will allow iPhone third party applications, there is a plethora of opportunities for mobile applications development and iPhone web development.

Here at Info Way, we have formed a new, specialized team catering specifically for developing mobile applications. Since the applications for iPhone cannot be easily copied from the operating system (OS) software currently running on the iPhone, applications have to be written and compiled specifically for it.

Our team of mobile application developers are constantly in the process of devising newer iPhone custom applications.

iPhone Custom Mobile Application Development

After the release of iPhone 3G, a lot of mobile application development activities have been going on around the iPhone 3G and newer devices. With experience in iPhone application development, we are interested in partnering with you to explore the possibility of iPhone custom application development.

If you have your application on other smart phones and are looking to bringing this application onto the iPhone, we can help you! We can assist you in deciding which existing smartphone applications can be brought over to the iPhone and what features of the iPhone your application can leverage upon.

Our expert iPhone Programmers will help you to develop customized iPhone software applications. They will offer you innovative and creative suggestions in order for you to get best out of your application.