The demanding needs and preferences of consumers in the telecom industry have led to a faster churn-out of telecom products and services. But, factors like increasing competition, changing regulations, converging business boundaries, time-bound production schedules, and the time to market have prevented vendors from discerning exact client requirements.

While the industry has shifted from product-centric to consumer-centric operations, there still exists a gap between analyzing customers’ needs and modifying business processes to meet those unique needs. This scenario is testament to the premise that Business Intelligence (BI) integrated with traditional Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions can create substantial profit in the existing CRM environment.

Business intelligence (BI) enables companies to make informed decisions based on available or mined data existing in different networks. We at info way Solutions, can assist telecom vendors in managing data revolving around consumers, through comprehensive BI and Data Warehousing (DW) solutions.

We provide the following BI/DW services for telecom industry:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Adhoc Reporting

Our BI/DW services allow telecom service providers to:

  • Locate the latest revenue streams and methods and converge all functions for enhancing client’s experience
  • Assess particular Call Detail Records (CDR) with quantifiable results
  • Improve logical operations of the firm for supervising fiscal information and assess business models to create dependence amongst clients
  • Create robust safety measures for client’s fiscal and personal information
  • Provide meaningful information on client transactions for formulation of better service policies
  • Provide data on services and distribution along with functional data extracted from all commercial sectors
  • Supervise workforce expenditures on customer care and technical support by optimizing individual’s competence