Android includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. Android functions with a set of core applications and_ruby, but in order to satisfy the need of the customers, custom applications need to be built. The Android platform provides a rich API to build custom applications. We, at Info Way, are experts in the Android platform. We have certified engineers who can deliver high quality products and business experts who can help define your mobile strategy.

and_zendWe, at Info Way, strongly believe that a mobile phone OS like Android will become the prominent interface for business and_zendapplications since users would like to see more of their business data available at their finger-tips. This would require that the corporate applications holding the data be interfaced with the Android applications. Info Way can help your enterprise integrate your Android applications with your back-end applications ultimately resulting in a tremendous efficiency.

 and_htmlInfo Way’s support and maintenance will not only keep your Android applications running smoothly, but it also keepand_htmls your applications up-to-date with new features as well as keep you ahead in the competition. Our unique global delivery model ensures a low total cost of support along with a rapid delivery timeline for enhanced feature releases.