We also extend a plethora of BI solutions to the healthcare domain. Our BI solutions provide a wider and safer access to clinical data which enables healthcare professionals to make sound operational and clinical decisions. It results in streamlining and offering exceptional healthcare experience to the patients. The BI platform not only helps healthcare professionals access enterprise-wide data but also facilitate data conversion for report and predictive analysis.

Our services:

  • Situational Analysis
  • Expectation Surveys
  • Problem Solving
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Performance Measuring System
  • Business Intelligence Initiatives

Why info way solutions?

  • Save costs: By eliminating waste and mine data stores to examine and recoup denied claims.
  • Improve margins: By implementing a BI/balanced scorecard, we help our customers to improve their margin from 2{60b3d628daa6a39dc995307122d6cc1f5343e1a47c82bd6e6c254db2589d0f09}-10{60b3d628daa6a39dc995307122d6cc1f5343e1a47c82bd6e6c254db2589d0f09} each year.
  • Improve patient satisfaction: By providing comprehensive reporting and analytical tools, we help customers to improve their patient satisfaction by 15{60b3d628daa6a39dc995307122d6cc1f5343e1a47c82bd6e6c254db2589d0f09}-30{60b3d628daa6a39dc995307122d6cc1f5343e1a47c82bd6e6c254db2589d0f09}.
  • Enhance patient care: By utilizing point-of-care information, we enable customers to identify high-risk and non-compliant patient solutions and improve patient outcomes.

Performance management and data management play an important role in the operations sector of any company. We provides the tools and services required to manage these two important factors and also integrate it with our BI services. Our BI services have carved a unique niche in the telecom and health domain, assuring you to enable your company to adapt to continuously changing customer requirements and market trends.